Well, No, I Pray

by Paulette Curran and Mary McGoff

One sorting day—a day on which as many of us who possibly can, sort the accumulated donations—there was a huge amount to sort and very few people to do it.

Linda, who was in charge of the sorting, said this and then added: “So let’s pray to the angels and ask them to help us.” So we said a short prayer and began work.

About mid-afternoon, I noticed that the pile to be sorted had gone way down. Then by the end of the day, we had finished sorting everything!

I happened to go back to the house with Linda, and I said to her, “I find that amazing. I would not have thought those few people could sort all of that.”

Linda said, “They can’t.” Startled, I said, “What do you mean?” Linda said, “Do you think I pray to the angels for nothing?”

I call that the multiplication of the work.


Here’s Mary McGoff’s story:

When Linda got sick, I was asked to manage Publications for a year. What struck me about Linda was her vision. I asked her, “How were you always ahead of things? Like getting a website really early and getting into e-books. What websites are you looking at? What are you reading?” And she said, “Well, no, I pray.”

Her vision really was inspired by the Holy Spirit.


Linda, for sure, had exceptional gifts, but these gifts are not the secret of her “success”. MH Publications is consecrated to Our Lady of Combermere, and Linda prayed, especially to her, listened to the Spirit, and trusted. So God was able to work through her.

Here’s what she said in her report at the directors’ meetings in 2004: “Once we have let Our Lady of Combermere embrace us, love has a chance. It is so simple. She takes us home and imparts every aspect of gospel life—until it is no longer we who live but Christ who lives in us.”