Meeting Christ

by Catherine Doherty

If we really enter into the spirit of the Eastertide liturgy, who can doubt that we will meet Christ—maybe personally, maybe collectively—in some upper room of ours, or on some road that leads to our Emmaus, as the Apostles met him on the side of the lake and the mountains of Galilee?

Yes, we could meet him anywhere for we, too, must say, “Let us not seek among the dead for the living.”

Let us seek the living Christ where he waits for us. That may be anywhere if only we are silent, at peace inside, prayerful, with a flaming desire to meet him, constantly searching in faith, constantly ready for his appearing, as appear he did to the Apostles.

From Season of Mercy (1996), p. 124, available from MH Publications in a new edition (2020)