Mary’s Answer

by Catherine Doherty

Our world remains poised on the edge of an abyss of darkness. Yet the answer is at hand. The solution is close by. Gently, softly, the thread that will lead us out of the labyrinth of our fears, doubts, and turmoil is placed into our sinful hands. The answer, the solution, is the rosary.

The Rosary: so tiny, so seemingly weak, is to be used against unseen but deadly powers. The Rosary, so foolish a weapon.

The Rosary, a prayer of babies, youth, men, and women, is so simple that even the illiterate can pray it, so profound that geniuses have not begun to probe its depths. The Rosary, a simple vocal prayer, can lead us into the realism of the highest mental and contemplative prayer!

The Rosary is an answer to all our fears, to all our unrest, to all our dangers. It finds us everywhere and leads us back from the desert of darkness where we now dwell, where, forever and ever, the prince of darkness tempts us to fall down and adore him. Yes, it is the answer.

Our Lady in her many apparitions said so. Especially at Fatima. Why, then, are we not listening? Why do so many Catholics leave the Rosary unsaid? Why aren’t our days filled with endless Rosaries forming a chain to hold our hearts anchored to the heart of God, through Mary his mother?

It is time to begin now to pray the Rosary daily. We must understand that if we do not, our world will perish, and we with it. And those who are left will dwell in the catacombs, perhaps using only the Rosary, their ten fingers, over and over again, and weeping because they know why they are underground.

Oh, let us pray the Rosary now, so that the children of light may continue to dwell in the light of God’s sun, so that the world may be restored to Christ.

—Excerpted from Bogoroditza, (2001), pp. 28-29, MH Publications