Joy in My Daily Life

by Catherine Doherty

Joy is very quiet and full of wonder. It is like a light that shines in the darkness and is connected with hope and with love.

To give you an idea of my joyous moments, the first occurs when I wake up every morning with the incredible thought that here God has granted me another day to love him and to serve him.

Simultaneously, other thoughts come to me from Satan and from my own humanity and emotions. They creep in like shadows over the shining light of my joy.

They whisper: “Look, you are going to have a whole day full of problems. You are going to have to be in four places at once,” and so on. Through these whispers, the whole weight of the day and of my duties creep in.

But joy smiles. I know that I don’t have to face all of those things at once, that these too are works of love for Christ’s sake, that all I have to worry about is doing the duty of the moment as it comes to me, with love and enthusiasm for Love’s sake—for Christ’s sake.

From Grace in Every Season, (2001), November 26, p. 311, available from MH Publications