I Am Extremely Grateful

by Genevieve Enoe

MH Carriacou

Genevieve was 16 years old when Madonna House opened its mission house in her homeland, Carriacou, a tiny Caribbean island in the nation of Grenada. Five years later, in 1966, after coming to Combermere for a period of formation, she became a member of our community.


I can hardly believe that, of the 75 years since Madonna House was established in Combermere, Ontario, Canada, I have been a member of this family for 55 of them. What a great privilege that our Blessed Mother brought me into this family!

Father God, I am deeply grateful to You for inspiring Bishop Justin Field, who invited Madonna House to his diocese of St. George’s in Grenada, and in particular to the little island of Carriacou. And for Catherine Doherty’s wisdom in accepting the invitation, I am also deeply grateful.

For the original team—Trudi Cortens, Elsie Whitty, and Marité Langlois—and the many others You chose, who followed and served so selflessly here in spite of the many challenges they faced in the early years: 1961 to 1981.

For the various services they undertook: catechetics, nursing which included delivering babies when no local nurses were available, various forms of social work including co-operatives and youth work—all for the building up of the Church here and for the people of our island.

The lives of the Madonna House staff were an example that inspired and brought a few of us Carriacouans to join their family. For all this, Father God, I am exceedingly grateful.

Who can discern your work in people’s hearts, Father God? Only you, Lord.

For the efforts of the community of Madonna House in reaching out to the various islands in the Caribbean especially through the Charismatic Renewal and retreats by Fr James Duffy and other members of Madonna House.

For the formation of lay leaders on the various islands. For the many lives that were touched and healed and converted, all through the power of your Holy Spirit.

For the years I spent on another island, Barbados, welcoming, listening, praying, and consoling with love and friendship all who came to our house there.

For the time I spent in our house in Liberia, West Africa, with Your beloved children.

In my partaking in Your work of serving the poor, ministering to the children and the youths who hungered and thirsted for you, Lord. For the “sons and daughters” born spiritually, by your grace. For Your beloved little babies succored into life.

My heart overflows with gratitude to You, Father God, for without You nothing could be accomplished.

Then after that time of ministering in other countries, for my years back here in Carriacou, I can only say, thank You, Lord, for the privilege of serving again in my own country.

For all the bishops who invited Madonna House into their dioceses, for the priests and lay faithful who welcomed, encouraged, supported and offered their friendship and gave us the privilege of serving and sharing in their joys and pains, in their deaths and resurrections, I can only say thank You, Lord for using weak, sinful instruments to accomplish Your work.

Thank you for Catherine and Eddie Doherty, who by laying down their lives gave birth to Madonna House.

What a profound privilege to be a part of this wonderful family you are creating! I am extremely grateful..