Dogs, Cats, and a Turkey

by Catherine Doherty

MH Farm

Yesterday I was on our farm, and I saw a fantastic picture. There were puppies and kittens, and they were playing with each other. And then the big Christmas turkey very proudly came walking into this picture and looked at everything. She let the puppies go between her legs, and she walked away.

While she walked away, a big dog came, and they sort of politely greeted each other. The turkey wasn’t afraid of the dog, and the dog wasn’t afraid of the turkey.

And the lamb lay down with the lion (cf. Isaiah 11:6).

It was so obvious on the farm that the community of love of the people living there extended to the animals. They were happy together—cats, dogs, turkeys. Everybody was being neighborly.

I think that is a picture of the Second Coming. Suddenly, in a flash, indeed the lion will lay down with the lamb, and we will see this earth transformed. And this is the earth we are going to live on.

From after-dinner spiritual reading at Madonna House, September 7, 1968.