Written by Madonna House staff, Restoration is an essential part of our witness to the Gospel. Here we share our personal stories and reflections on the Gospel challenges of today, along with writings from Catherine Doherty and the Catholic Church.

Posted May 27, 2015:
Mary Holds the Key

by Fr. Denis Lemieux.

We need Mary, the Mother of God, and that need is especially acute at times of great suffering. Catherine Doherty, foundress of Madonna House, wrote powerfully and poignantly of her own experience.

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Posted May 21, 2015 in Word Made Flesh:
A Hidden Life in the Spirit

by Fr. Pat McNulty.

I’ve always liked the feast of Pentecost, the feast of the Holy Spirit.

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Posted May 19, 2015:
Mary As She Really Is

by Catherine Doherty.

I have read many books about Our Lady praising her and many books by theologians telling me who she is and what she has done. Of course, she is to be glorified; she is the Mother of God, but there are many women like myself who feel that she is so high up that nobody can touch her. And this isn’t true.

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Posted May 14, 2015:
I Didn’t Want to Know Mary

by Paulette Curran.

When I came to Madonna House in 1970, I was away from the Church. Moreover, like many Catholics and ex-Catholics at the time, I was not interested in the Mother of God.

I looked down on popular devotions as silly and meaningless and not worthy of sophisticated, modern people. Why? I couldn’t have told you. Like many such anti-religious sentiments, it wasn’t really rational.

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Posted May 12, 2015:
I Wanted to Know Mary

By Beth Scott.

The first time I saw the statue of Our Lady of Combermere, I didn’t think much of her. But the fact that I wasn’t drawn to her didn’t bother me because I didn’t think this statue in the woods was really very important.

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Posted May 07, 2015:
I Can’t Live Without Her

by Marie Javora.

I got to know Our Lady at an early age because my mother, being a good Catholic woman, introduced me to her.

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Posted May 05, 2015 in My Dear Family:
The Secret of Mary

by Catherine Doherty.

Do you want to know the secret of Mary? The first step is the consecration to Mary according to the Act of Total Consecration of St. Louis de Montfort.

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Posted April 29, 2015 in One Man's Scrap:
One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (April 2015)

At Madonna House Combermere, spring doesn’t really come until April, and this year, the Easter Season is also beginning in early April. Two blessings together. As a verse of one of our Easter hymns proclaims, "Every good gift of the year now with its Master returns."

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