Written by Madonna House staff, Restoration is an essential part of our witness to the Gospel. Here we share our personal stories and reflections on the Gospel challenges of today, along with writings from Catherine Doherty and the Catholic Church.

Posted March 21, 2016:
Dinner With a Sinner

by Fr. Pat McNulty.

I was watching the disheveled young woman carrying her illegitimate baby board the 7 a. m. city bus. Then just before the doors hissed shut, she got off the bus, ran to me, and kissing me on the cheek said, loud enough for everyone around to hear, "Thanks, Fr. McNulty. I may be back again tonight."

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Posted March 18, 2016 in My Dear Family:
He Can Count on God

by Catherine Doherty.

We are anawim before God. An anawim is a biblical word meaning a nobody, the poor man of the Lord, the poor man of the beatitudes.

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Posted March 17, 2016 in Milestones:
Milestones (March 2016)

Associates: Fr. Rodrigo Ubaldo, final promises.

Deaths: Karen Maskiew’s father, William.

Posted March 16, 2016 in Combermere Diary:
Combermere Diary (March 2016)

by Paulette Curran.

I don’t know the history of Mardi Gras and Carnival, but from what happens in the days before Lent in Madonna House, I think I can guess how they grew.

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Posted March 14, 2016:
God Is in the Messiness

by Patricia Lawton.

It’s easy to believe that we’re in union with Jesus when we’re at peace—but what if we’re acting out of our wounds, anxiety, anger? What about when we’re exhausted, don’t want to pray, or are wondering how on earth we’re going to face another day? How on earth can Jesus live in that?

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Posted March 11, 2016:
When I Weep, Christ Weeps

by Fr. Pat McNulty.

The following article is about a truth that Fr. Pat discovered and contemplated for the last few years of his life. If you really let it in, it can lead to a radical deepening of your relationship with Christ and with other people.

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Posted March 09, 2016 in Memorials:
He Let You Be Yourself

Fr. Pat was sometimes outrageous. A week of Cana, our family vacation/retreat camp, was beginning. Fr. Pat McNulty and I were part of the host team, and everyone had gathered for the opening meeting. Fr. Pat said, “I hate Cana! I’m only here under obedience!”

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Posted March 07, 2016:
A Healing We Didn’t Know We Needed

by Fr. Pat McNulty.

Fr. Pat once told me that this was his favourite of his Restoration articles. — editor

"Kissy-face with Jesus, Daddy."

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Posted March 04, 2016 in Memorials, and in Things New and Old:
Saved from the Tomb

by Fr. David May.

All humanity is in a tomb. Some know they’re dead; others seem not to. Some dream of another life, others don’t seem to dream that way.

Some meet Jesus in the tomb; others do not. But all who come out of that tomb do so only by the mercy of God.

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Posted March 02, 2016 in Memorials:
He Lived Life With Passion

by Fr Blair Bernard.

One day fifteen years ago, I walked into Fr. Pat McNulty’s poustinia and into his life, and in doing so, I walked into the strangest friendship I’ve ever had.

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Posted February 29, 2016 in One Man's Scrap:
One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (February 2016)

This year Lent begins on February 10th, one of the earliest dates it can. When we sing the seasonal hymn, "The Lenten Spring Has Come," it will still be winter at Madonna House. Even so, along with the increasing daylight which lengthens and brightens each day, we pray that this liturgical season will penetrate any inner darkness in our souls, bringing it to light.

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Posted February 26, 2016 in Word Made Flesh:
Is Sin Really No Big Deal?

by Fr. Denis Lemieux.

So how’s that Year of Mercy going for you? You do remember (of course!) that it is still the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy in the Church. Right?

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Posted February 24, 2016:
Surrendering to God

by Catherine Doherty.

How do I fast from my will and accept God’s will? For what I live out is often not the will of God, but rather my own will. That is what happens all over the place.

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Posted February 23, 2016 in Milestones:
Milestones (February 2016)

New Local Director of the Training Centre: Patrick Stewart.

Transfer: Joo Eun Lee, Combermere.

Deaths: Fr. Patrick McNulty; Trina Stitak’s father, Thomas; Mary Lynn Murray’s mother, Rita; Fr. Jean Prignaud, who played a unique role in introducing Catherine Doherty and her spirituality to France, especially through his translation of the book, Poustinia, into French.

Posted February 22, 2016 in Combermere Diary:
Combermere Diary (February 2016)

by Maria Victoria Fausto.

As I begin to write this column during the first week of 2016, I am looking out the window at a huge snow-covered pine tree and its surrounding wonderland of snow-laden maple and oak trees. You might be thinking: of course the trees have snow on them—you’re in Canada! But wait, it’s not ho-hum, no big deal–at least, not for us.

Apparently our December here in Ontario has set records for being positively balmy—more like spring than winter.

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