Written by Madonna House staff, Restoration is an essential part of our witness to the Gospel. Here we share our personal stories and reflections on the Gospel challenges of today, along with writings from Catherine Doherty and the Catholic Church.

Posted September 04, 2015:
A Word for Families: Mercy

by Fr. Denis Lemieux.

Whenever a priest writes about the vocation of marriage or of family spirituality, he always has to anticipate the obvious objection that will arise in the minds of some of his readers. Namely, "What does he know about it? He’s not married! He doesn’t have children!"

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Posted September 02, 2015 in Things New and Old:
Return to Nazareth

by Fr. David May.

When I think of Christian marriage, what comes to mind immediately are two phrases: "Cana Colony" and "the Mystery".

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Posted August 31, 2015 in One Man's Scrap:
One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (July-August 2015)

"The summer sun," as St. Francis of Assisi called it—is shining. As St. Francis also said, "[Even] a single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows."

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Posted August 26, 2015 in Milestones:
Milestones (July-August 2015)

Transfers: Gloria Lawton, & Renate Zanker, Combermere.

Death: Petra Muller’s father, Julius.

Posted August 21, 2015 in Combermere Diary:
Combermere Diary (July-August 2015)

by Paulette Curran.

As sometimes happens in this part of the world, springtime was cold and late; in fact for most of it, it hardly felt or looked like spring at all.

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Posted August 17, 2015:
The Adventure of Washing Dishes

by Catherine Doherty.

What can a person do who tries to love God tremendously?

Everything, from turning the lights off to save electricity to refraining from getting new clothes all the time, to not being picky about food, to going where God calls you.

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Posted August 12, 2015 in Memorials:
Memories of Mamie

A few years ago, Mamie and her good friend, Marité Langlois, as a treat, went out to supper at a restaurant. When their driver went to pay the bill, the cashier told her it had already been paid. The people at the table next to them were so touched by the love between our two elderly women that they had paid their bill.

— a story from St. Mary’s

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Posted August 07, 2015 in MH Whitehorse YT:
Yukon Memories

by Mamie Legris.

Here is a small glimpse of Mamie’s life in our first mission house, Maryhouse in the Yukon. Though Mamie was later in several other houses, the Yukon always held a special place in her heart. You could always get her talking if you asked her about the Yukon.

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