When You Are Angry by Catherine Doherty

Truth is love. In order for our prayer to be rooted in love, we must be willing to face conflicts openly. When we are angry with each other, we have to come together and talk it out.

We must be willing to say, “Look, I am angry. This is why, and this is what is really in my heart.”

We also have to be willing to take the consequences of such openness. It may be the other person shouting the truth back to us: “You’re angry because you want attention, and no one could possibly fill the need you have!”

Or the consequences might be much more drastic, and then we are called to say what we have to say without fear.

Being human, we may well be afraid. But we will speak the truth, regardless. If we do, people will not only believe us, but believe in us.

Throughout our lives, we will have to face things squarely.

We will have to do it with our husbands or wives, with our friends, our co-workers. We will achieve nothing by trying to hide our anger.

As long as we fail to confront situations as they are, acknowledging our fault when the fault is ours, or asking the other if he or she is in the wrong, there will be confusion and a lack of truth between us and God.

We are called to truth and forgiveness, but we are also called to become the cross on which the other is crucified.

We have to be honest about this. When we live in truth, our hearts will be at peace, and our prayers, purified by truth, will rise before the face of God.
From Grace in Every Season, (2001) July 14, pp.190-191, available from MH Publications