What the World Doesn’t Know

by Catherine Doherty

Easter is the hope of the world, only the world doesn’t know it. To many it is just another Sunday, and Sunday is just another day. How tragic!

Easter is the day of hope, and hope is what we need today, for all around us, if we watch television or read the newspapers or go on the internet, hopelessness becomes our companion. Easter in its full reality abolishes hopelessness. It can renew all things if only we let it.

It was a moment of history that truly shook the world.

Yes, this is the day to which we should come and very simply, humbly, like the publican, ask to become new—new in hope, new in truth, new in faith—new like a new-born baby of whom is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Easter is the key to that kingdom—that kingdom that begins amongst us, or could-if we stopped living as if God didn’t exist.

For Easter is the Feast of Love, the total Feast of Love. The one about which Christ said. Greater love hath no man than he lay down his life for his friends (Jn 15:13).

Christ laid down his life for you and me because he loved us. Will we accept his love? Will we return it?

Think —for on your answer depends the world!

Excerpted and adapted from Restoration, April 1976