What Has Changed?

by Sofia Segal

May 28, 2020

I will lead the blind on their journey; by paths unknown I will guide them. I will turn darkness into light before them and make crooked paths straight ( Isaiah 42:16).

How clearly these words from Isaiah speak of our life these days and how we can respond.

Since the virus, everything has changed: how we work, how we recreate, and how we pray. Our second-hand shops are closed. The usual comings and goings have ceased. We’re not going to Mass.

At the same time nothing has changed. If people need things and tell us what they need, we find these things in our supply of donations and put them aside for them to come pick up.

We have many visits on the phone and some even in person—outside if it’s nice or in our “visiting room” six feet apart if it’s not.

We have a holy hour every day as well as Lauds (morning prayer). And we “go to Mass” on the computer. On Sundays we dress up, tune in to Mass, and then spend some time in the chapel.

Beth Scott and Miriam Story have been doing wonderful things in the garden. It is new to them, and the results are exciting and delicious. We’ve been eating fresh asparagus quite happily.

We made over 180 Pentecost gifts (a gift and fruit of the Spirit on a decorated piece of paper) for neighbors, friends and the parish and actually needed to make a few more.

Making them was a festival of creativity. We made doves, flames and flowers with butterflies. Miriam had put out a variety of craft supplies, such as stickers, scissors and glue, and away we went.

We have been delivering them to various people in the neighborhood and visiting when the opportunity provides. Though at a distance we are not distant.

One day a couple of weeks ago we went on an outing to Barry’s Bay (a nearby town) where we got coffee and drove to the river. We got out, looked at the water for a while and then came home. It was a change.

What has really changed? What and who is being invited to change? We are. We are being invited to live our life of Nazareth like never before—at a greater depth than ever before. We are on a journey, on paths unknown, and we are being invited to take God’s hand and let him lead us.