What Do You Make of Death?

by Mark Schlingerman

Death, especially untimely, violent, unexpected death, is a shock and an interior dislocation. And, more than ever, it faces us with an urgent question. What do I, of little faith, make of death?

I at least am fortified by the words of Holy Church about the mercy of God and eternal life. But what does the unbeliever, the person without faith, make of death?

So many today are without faith, sometimes those close to us. We have to leave this question to God, that in his mercy he will cover the poverty of the unbeliever and increase the faith of the believer.

Catherine spoke about the poverty of unbelief and asked members of Madonna House to enter with the Lord into this terrible poverty.

She said to us, “The real poverty is not so much hunger and homelessness, as real and terrible as these are. Worse is the poverty of those who have no faith, who do not believe in God, who do not love him.

“That is why Christ has put into my heart this great desire that Madonna House feel the poverty of those without faith and help them come to know God and love him. He wants Madonna House to bolster the faith of those who believe and to bring to the unbeliever the message of his love.”