Part 9 – St. Martha’s and Office Work


Next, we walk over to St. Martha’s, our little building that houses our office and its files. Catherine has some thoughts to share with us about office work:

“What does office work mean to God? In what way does it lead us up the paths of sanctity toward union with God, which is the goal of life and our one desire? The office correlates, collects, and gathers together all the information that we must have in order to do the job that God has allotted us to do, to implement his holy will, and work more efficiently in his vineyard.


It must be remembered that if people in the world work for cash, out of ambition, or out of necessity, how much more efficiently should we work for Christ, our tremendous Lover! All our faculties should be totally alive, alert and awake.

By doing your job well — perfectly — by understanding why you do it, you can save the world of souls and do that which Madonna House sets out to do: restore all things to Christ by the grace of God and the help of Our Lady. This is what you are going to do in the office.”