Part 7 – Our Library and Books


The dining room also forms part of our library, which overflows into the basement below. There you will see shelves lined with thousands of books, all of which have been contributed by generous people. As Catherine taught our Madonna House librarians:


“Each book has been carefully chosen, and much work has gone into getting it on the shelf. The work is nothing, however, when one considers why the book is on the shelf. Meditate a little at this point, and slowly let the thought sink in, that you are a ‘God-Giver.’ Yes, you give God to people who sometimes do not know him at all, or who know him very little, or who desire to know him better. As you sort, classify, access, make cards, put books on the shelf and take them off again, you are feeding a person with God, for knowledge is God. Books console, uplift, heal, bring hope, bring faith, and bring men back to the faith they have lost. Books are friends and companions always at hand for the lonely. Books are God’s gift to men.”