Part 6 – The Dining Room


Let us now enter what is often called the “Main House” of our Combermere headquarters. Madonna House is no longer the little six-room house Catherine arrived to in 1947. It has grown in every direction; a 100 seat dining room, library, chapel and vastly expanded kitchen have gradually been added over time.


The original river facing dining room, library and living room is now affectionately known as “the little library.” It remains an especially homey place, with a corner of Russian icons and artifacts, shelves of Russian and Eastern Christian books and an ever-changing view of the Madawaska River.

The large, newer dining room, added to the house in 1953, now doubles as a library and family room. Here are held meetings, lectures, movies and entertainment as well as being a place for evening socializing. Every day in this dining room we have “spiritual reading” following lunch, to help make clear the application of the Gospel to daily life.