Part 17 – Our Schola and Music


Listen carefully and one can faintly hear the strains of the Madonna House schola (or choir) practicing as one approaches the chapel for Mass at the end of the work day. Let’s listen now, as we consider Catherine’s thoughts on keeping in tune with the Gospel, by praising God in song:

“Today I would like to discuss how we should praise God in song. We as Catholic Christians should encompass all ways of singing, while emphasizing our own Roman Catholic heritage. Let us open our musical horizons as we open our spiritual ones, for the two are connected. Music, after all, is the echo of God’s voice. We should have the freedom of the children of God, yet such a freedom is always disciplined.


We must not abandon the old for the new just because it is new, nor discard the old just because it is old. We must blend the new music with the old, which is part of our heritage and tradition.

Even if we cannot carry a tune, we can still sing from the heart, with great love. What matters is not how we sound, but what goes into our singing — passionate love for the Lord and Our Lady must fill our hearts.”