Part 11 – Doing Little Things Well for the Love of God


Catherine’s spirituality of work can be lived out in the daily duties carried out by all people. Our tour, then, is also about how Catherine’s spirituality of the “duty of the moment” (which for her was the “duty of God”) applies to the different departments of Madonna House visited on this tour and, by extension, at the place of work or duty of anyone in the world. For Catherine, forming a Community of love by carrying out one’s “duty of the moment,” to the best of one’s abilities (thus making of one’s work a prayer) helps to “restore” people to Christ.

“Our vocation is to do little things well for the love of God. This means monotonous things, eternally repeated. But if we have the ‘vision of the whole,’ we will connect doing these little things, these monotonous things, with spiritual truths. The vision of the whole is that every task, routine or not, is of redeeming, supernatural value because we are united with Christ. But we must be recollected and stay aware of this truth. God speaks to us, then, in the duty of every moment.


We must constantly try to read the signs of God for today and ask ourselves what they mean. At one time God may ask us to forget that we have a Ph.D and wash dishes. At another time he may ask us to use that talent. We do whatever is needed to restore the world to Christ. But we must be careful not to evaluate ourselves and our apostolate on activity more than on spirit. We need to take care that we are not living in a deadly routine of work. Work is prayer, true. But we should not be satisfied simply with work accomplished. Action should be the fruit of the spirit. It should not be the essence that replaces the spirit. Our greatest contribution to all apostolates that we undertake is our being united to Christ inwardly, to contemplate him in the depths of our souls.”