Prayer to St. Joseph

by Mary Beth Mitchell

Beloved St. Joseph, courageous protector of Mary and Jesus, strong shoulder to lean on, encouraging heart of mercy, teacher of wisdom, man of joy, humble workman, careful craftsman, please teach me the mysteries of holy family life.

Instruct me in the ways of Jesus and Mother Mary. Inform my heart of the Father’s love. Share with me your simple trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit that I may be a holy, peaceful, merciful and just presence among all those the Lord puts in my path.

Be my comfort and strength and lead me to experience true peace and rest through contemplating your example of undying love, joyful service and gratitude for everything.

St. Joseph, please teach me to pray as you taught Jesus. Guide my growing into maturity in life and faith. Give me your compassionate, just, and merciful heart. Give me patience and perseverance in my struggles. Draw me always toward the good and true. Set me on the path of simplicity and holiness. Share with me your joy in performing a task well.

Guard and protect my mind and spirit from any desire that would lead me away from your presence and that of Mother Mary and Jesus. Help me to be obedient to the Father’s will. Ask him to give me a faith as firm as yours.

Guide me unceasingly in all my ways so that I may enjoy a worthy life, breathe my last breath in your presence with Jesus and Mary, and go home at last to where I belong—in the Heart of the Father. Amen.