No Obvious Legacy

by Jean Fox, deceased former director general of MH

Let us remember that the way to God is a little way and a narrow way. It does not make a bit of difference whether we have anything to show for it at the end of our lives.

St. Therese of Lisieux left no apostolates, no institutions behind her. Mother Teresa’s memory lives on in the street people of Calcutta, not in the media who fawned over her while she was good copy.

And our Blessed Mother left behind no magazines, no Christian lobbying groups, no theological discourses to be studied later. She, the littlest of all, is not even a Doctor of the Church. Let us strive to be like Mary, who lived in simplicity, who loves us now, and who watches over us.

To paraphrase Milton, it is better to serve in heaven than to reign in hell. And the only way to heaven is to do little things with great love.

Jean Fox’s Letters to MH Staff, #124, January 25, 1999, unpublished