Meeting the Risen Christ

by Catherine Doherty

Eastertime is truly a novitiate of our forthcoming heavenly life. It constantly invites us to be silent, to listen, to adore, to contemplate, to develop the interior attitude that will bring about the meeting, here and now, between us and Christ.

If we really enter into the spirit of the Eastertide liturgy, who can doubt that we will meet Christ—maybe personally, maybe collectively—in some upper room of ours, or on some road that leads to our Emmaus, as the Apostles met him on the side of the lake and the hills of Galilee?

Yes, we could meet him anywhere for we, too, must say, Let us not seek the living among the dead (Luke 24:5).

Let us seek the living Christ where he waits for us. That may be anywhere if only we are silent, at peace inside, prayerful, with a flaming desire to meet him, constantly searching in faith, constantly ready for his appearing, as appear he did to the Apostles.

The daily pattern of our life flows and follows from the Easter mystery. With Christ we have died and risen. We must live as those brought to newness of life!

Nourished on the flesh of Christ our Paschal Lamb, united by his love, we ask God to keep us all one in heart so that we might be leaven of that unity, love and peace to our brethren in the market place.

Incredible as this seems, we are able to lead people to Christ, and no one can prevail against us, for it is our faith that overcomes the world (1 John 5:4).

Adapted and excerpted from Season of Mercy, MH Publications, (1996), pp. 123-125, now available in a 2011 edition