Mary’s Gift to Us

by Catherine Doherty

Over and over in her apparitions, Our Lady has offered us the slender threads of the rosary. An ordinary, childlike thing! But is it?

The Creed is our declaration of faith and allegiance to the Holy Trinity, to the commandments of God and his spouse, the Church. Recite it slowly and let each word sink in. Thousands have died for these words and what they stand for.

The Our Father is our prayer for the fellowship of men and women under the fatherhood of God, a prayer of love, trust, hope, and faith.

And the Hail Mary is the angelic salutation that brought Christ’s incarnation and redemption to this earth! It still does, to those who say it with their hearts as well as their lips.

The repetition, slow and reverent, of these prayers, is not monotonous. It is a companion to our retracing the life of God, his mother, and his Church, a pilgrimage of love and faith. Mary continually holds out to us, her children, the rosary, asking that we say it.

October is the month of the rosary. Let us pray it daily, spanning the world with its slender, unbreakable strength, lifting it, lifting it up, up to the very feet of God.

—Excerpted and adapted from Grace in Every Season, (2001), October 7, pp. 266-267, available from MH Publications