Make It a Masterpiece

by Pope Francis

Be a witness to Jesus Christ in the way you conduct your ordinary, everyday life, and it will become a masterpiece for God.

The Lord wants us to make our lives masterpieces through the ordinary things, the everyday things we do. We are called to bear witness to Jesus, right where we live, in our families, at work, everywhere, even just by giving the light of a smile, a light that is not our own—it comes from Jesus.

Avoid gossip and tattle-taling. When we see something that is wrong, instead of criticizing, badmouthing, and complaining, let us pray for the one who made a mistake and for the difficult situation.

When an argument starts at home, instead of trying to win it, let us try to diffuse it; and start over again each time, forgiving the one who offended.

These are small things, but they change history, because they open the door, they open the window, to Jesus’ light.

St. Stephen, though he was on the receiving end of the stones of hatred, reciprocated with words of forgiveness. By his actions, love, and forgiveness, the martyr changed history [for] at St. Stephen’s stoning, there was present a young man named Saul who was consenting to his death.

Excerpted from the Angelus talk on December 26, 2020, the Feast of St. Stephen