Madonna House – Windsor, ON

Madonna House in Windsor serves the Diocese of London, Ontario and responds to the request of our bishop that we be a prayer presence in this diocese. Our hearts and our doors are open to welcome young people, parents, the elderly and everyone, whether from Windsor, Chatham, London or the many smaller places.


Madonna House is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God. It is her house, and we believe that she brings every person who comes, for them to receive peace, hope, joy, encouragement and a more profound relationship with her Son. Each person gives us the gift of their presence, enriching our own lives as we listen, pray with them, share their lives and in turn share the traditions and rich spiritual resources of our own Madonna House way of life.


Families and single people come to ‘talk things over’ and share their struggles, joys and sorrows; and find help here to strengthen their faith and express it through their daily lives as Catholics and Christians. We take all of their concerns to the Lord in intercessory prayer. As well, we pray and fast in support of priestly vocations.


A special privilege for us has been to befriend hundreds of refugees from the Sudan and to be instrumental in settling them. We’ve helped them to get a Sudanese priest to tend their Sacramental needs, and our efforts to encourage unity among the varied groups have led to the founding of their own community centre.


We live a simple Nazareth-like community life, which includes gardening. We receive no salaries and rely solely on the providence of God—through the kindness and generosity of his friends and ours—to take care of our needs, including donations to pay the bills.


Daily Mass, the rosary, morning and evening prayer, and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament provide spiritual nourishment for our life as consecrated members of Madonna House Apostolate.


1307 Pelissier St. Windsor, ON N8X 1M4