Justin Eric Granger

by Réjeanne George

Justin Eric Granger is coming to visit.
We find him a chair;
We find him a cup.
What will he like to eat?

Justin Eric Granger has arrived
with his escort:
Papa and Mama and Papi and Dani.
He is tall and slender
with good little shoulders,
A gorgeous miniature of his papa
with mama’s curls
and dusky skin tones.
Lifting three fingers
he proudly shows us he is now
three years old.
A little shy at the start but
he soon lets us know
of his presence.
He likes words.

Justin Eric Granger is a marvel,
a unique creation.
There can never be a replica.
He is hope for the future,
his parents’ link to immortality,
two proud races in his bloodline.
He is a wonder
and it makes one ponder …
An ancient Christmas hymn
comes to mind:
“Unto us a child is born.
Unto us a Son is given …”

Justin Eric Granger
is an incredible mystery,
proof absolute of the mystery of life.