If Only …

by Fr. Emile-Marie Briére, deceased MH priest

No amount of human appreciation, understanding, or love can satisfy the human heart. We are made for God, for the Infinite, for a greater love affair than we can imagine.

God alone knows our name; he alone can know us completely. He alone can enter the enclosed garden. He alone—Lover, Gardener, Redeemer—can heal our deepest wounds by his secret grace and make us truly come alive.

Daily we make the grave mistake of hoping we will be fulfilled in other ways. We think we can find perfect peace and joy if only certain changes are made or happen.

We say to ourselves: “Everything would be okay if only my husband showed greater appreciation … if only I had a better job … if only …
if only …”

As long as we really believe that all will be well “if only,” we haven’t got the picture yet. As long as we strive to satisfy the immense longings of our hearts with anything less than God, our efforts are bound to be frustrated.

People can give us much, but they cannot give us everything. We need others, but they cannot fully satisfy us. They need us, but there are limits to what we can do for them.

As a matter of fact, true love, true communication, cannot take place between two people unless each has filled his inner solitude with God—unless each seeks union with God as his basic purpose.

From The Power of Love, (1990), pp. 110-111, MH Publications, out of print