God Likes Simple Prayers

by Catherine Doherty

God likes our prayer to be simple. All we really have to do is to say to him, “So-and-so is sick. Please do something for him.” I think God would probably be relieved to hear such a prayer; how tired he must get of all our long-windedness!

Suppose you are traveling. From the window of your car, you spot someone in a wheelchair. Put your heart in his hand, so to speak, and say, “Lord, help that person.”

In this way, you can pray for many people and many needs.

Prayer should be primarily for others. God will see to it that your own needs are met. We shouldn’t always be pleading, “God, do this for me, do that for me.” When we say, “God, look after this person,” he takes care of us as well.

With so many people to pray for, long prayers are not necessary. That is why I simply say, “Lord, take care of so-and-so.”

If you say that every day, and keep close to God, you will find that he remains close to you.

I wish I could take you by the hand and say, “Come with me. Let’s all hold the hand of our Lord and pray in this simple way.”

Few people think of prayer in this fashion, however. Most of us are not used to praying as life flows along.

We are used to “taking time” for prayer, when we should be praying all the time. Prayer never stops. It is such a beautiful thing to hold God’s hand and to pray always.

From Grace in Every Season, May 13th, (2012), MH Publications