God Came as a Baby

by Fr. Bob Wild

Sometimes when I’m praying in the solitude of the night, I begin to be afraid. Then I think about the Baby.

I don’t think about the Judge; I don’t think about the Lawgiver; I don’t think about the all-powerful King. I think about Jesus as a Baby. Then peace comes again, and I can pray a little bit longer.

So, very simply, I offer you this meditation: God as a Baby.

His “baby” characteristics do not exhaust God’s character, of course, but neither do those of Judge, Lover, King, or any other analogy.

So when you feel afraid of God, or just afraid, why not think about God as a Baby? Better yet, why not spend some time gazing at a picture of God as a Baby—not just any picture, but one that draws you, speaks to you?

Your fear will dissipate. How can you be afraid of a Baby?


Let us look at that Child and ask ourselves, “Why do I think that God does not love me? Here he is!”

Catherine Doherty