Before You Can Do

by Catherine Doherty

I began to see that if we give up our intellect to God, at his request, he will return it to us cleansed of all that is not of him. And our secular and spiritual knowledge will become new and powerful in him.

I am opposed to sending the members of our apostolate to higher schools of learning before they have gone through a total fiat (surrender), before they have joyfully laid aside intellectual pursuits for the humble tasks that demand love, detachment, and humility, especially from modern man.

When filled with this love, detachment, and holy indifference, then they will truly mean their fiat.

Then, their intellectual learning time has come. They will never make the mistake of thinking that intellectual and professional knowledge and degrees are passkeys to human hearts. They will know that only love is the key.

In understanding this, they will become truly wise with the wisdom of God, not of men. The rest will be added unto them.

For me, one has to be for the Lord first, and for this one has to go to the school of Nazareth. Only then can one do for the Lord.

I also believe that specialized knowledge is not necessary in order to serve the Lord. Love is what is necessary.

Adapted from Dearly Beloved, Vol. I, (1990), Oct. 1, 1962, pp. 274-275, MH Publications, out-of-print