Andorra and the Three Bear Encounters

by Sushi Horwitz

MH Farm

Life in the Canadian bush is not for the weak or wimpy. Neither is beekeeping up here. But our Andorra loves the bees and is passionate about caring for them.

On Wednesday, July 22nd, I was walking through the kitchen on my way to bed. It was after 10 p.m.

I knew Andorra`s day off had started, so I was surprised to see her. She was dressed like she was going camping.

What are you doing?” I asked.

“A bear ate half a hive! Not just honey but bees, too! The frames are in splinters and the bees are traumatized. I am going there to stay up all night and guard the other three hives.”

I was horrified. “Have you told anyone about this?” I asked.

“Yes. I`m all set.”

I didn`t know what to say—nor did I offer to help.

When she got there, “Bruno,” (the bear) had already come for supper. This time he had dragged off two honey supers (boxes) and had eaten about 50 pounds of honey.

That night Andorra set herself up in a van to stay awake and protect the remaining hives. But, after a long week of hard work, she fell asleep. Then, poked by her guardian angel, she suddenly woke up.

Looking out through the window at the night, she saw a large, dark shape. She started the van. The large, dark shape fled.

Yes, it was indeed the bear coming back to finish the job.

The next day, Andorra was able to get the electric fence up and running again. The bear got in because it hadn`t been working.

The story has a happy ending. Andorra was able to save the two hives that had been attacked and, to date, Bruno has not returned.