Madonna House

You Will Hear the Holy Spirit

by Catherine Doherty

Listen with your hearts and your souls. Listen with an ear attuned, with expectation, desire, and love, and you will hear the coming of the wind of the Holy Spirit. This wind is mightier than any tornado.

He comes with a speed that cannot be measured. Yet he is as gentle as the evening breeze, swift, immense, harmless to nature and to man. His passage brings light and warmth, peace and wisdom.

He also brings fortitude, charity, faith, and hope and all the gifts and virtues that are his to give.

If you try to love God, if your faces are lifted up to his Face, if your mind, heart, and soul seek him instead of your own self and your own will, you are bound to hear the approach of the mighty Wind.

Why does he come? Haven’t you already received him in Confirmation? Hasn’t he made you once and for all a lover of Christ—a soldier of the Lord? Hasn’t he prepared you already for all of the trials to come, even to martyrdom?

Yes, he has done that; but like God the Father and God the Son, the Holy Spirit knows our weaknesses. So, sent by the Father through the Son, he comes every moment of our lives to help us to become saints, lovers of God, for he is the Sanctifier.

He also comes to console us. Who is there amongst us who does not need his consolation and fortitude to face another day with love and not with the selfishness that kills?

We need the Advocate, the Consoler, the Enlightener, the Gift and Virtue Giver, the Father of the Poor. He, and he alone, can move our will.

Remember, in the life of a Christian, every day is a Pentecost. Every day the mighty Wind comes, if only we call upon him. Every day the tongues of flame descend upon us, if we realize our need for them and desire them with a great desire.

Excerpted from Dearly Beloved, Vol. 1, (1988), June 6, 1962, pp.249-251