The Glory of the Cross

by Catherine Doherty

I cannot visualize a love story with God without a cross. To me the cross is the thing! I desire it. I accept it. And I ask the grace never to fear it, because at the end, I shall know its joy.

You think maybe that I am just talking through my hat. But with God as my witness, I look at the cross as the marriage bed of Christ! It is union with him, at the price of being crucified.

Then, though my flesh flinches, my soul cries out, “Where are the nails? Where is the hammer?” You get that picture? Or is it just too much?

Of course the cross is there for you! When I talk about the cross, I think that you misunderstand what I mean by the cross. For me, the cross is the key to him whom my heart loves.

Without the cross there is no Easter. Unless I lie on that cross, I can’t see him in heaven. And I must lie on the cross that he made for me, not the one I am making for myself.

God embraced the cross! He wanted it! For this he was born! And for this we are born—to lie on the cross with him.

When you see your lifetime of doing little things over and over and say you can’t take it, I want to weep. Because that’s not understanding our faith!

Never see your life as a lot of little things, monotonous and so forth. Think of it as the glory of the cross.

Adapted from Grace in Every Season, (2001), Sept. 14, p. 246, available from MH Publications