Madonna House

Surrendering to God

by Catherine Doherty

How do I fast from my will and accept God’s will? For what I live out is often not the will of God, but rather my own will. That is what happens all over the place.

How long does it take to say, “Lord, I don’t know anything, and without you I can do nothing. Help me to speak your words, not mine.” How long does it take to do that? It takes a lifetime.

Now begins the long pilgrimage to this passover: the abandoning of my will, the surrender of my deepest inward person to the Holy Spirit in a totality of surrender that has some kind of a beginning but knows no end.

It is the surrender in which I really offer myself to the Holy Spirit and say, “Now do with me as you will. Cleanse me. Open my ears so that I can hear what you tell me.”

Do we do that? This is the pilgrimage that we must begin.

—Excerpted from Season of Mercy, (1996), p. 11, available from MH Publications