Column: MH Ottawa ON

This column contains articles related to the Madonna House field house in Ottawa, Ontario.

The Poorest Man I Ever Knew — by Shatzi Duffy. Malachy Brian Scott, whom we buried last summer, was the poorest man I have ever known, but he was rich in faith. When Madonna House Ottawa met him forty years ago on Parent Street, we were the... (January 15, 2016)

A Job Making Beds — by Martha Shepherd. Arlene Becker founded MH Ottawa, our first poustinia house in 1973. But before she was able to do that, something needed to happen in her heart. Catherine Doherty knew that.... (January 08, 2014)

Poustinia House — by Martha Shepherd. One of the things that MH Ottawa offers people is a chance to make a poustinia, to have 24 hours of silence and solitude. But before I tell you about that, let me tell you about the... (January 14, 2013)

Poustinia in the Marketplace — by Martha Shepherd. MH Ottawa, where I live and serve, is a poustinia in the marketplace. What does that mean? I’ll try to explain.... (January 09, 2013)

Ottawa Beginnings — by Catherine Doherty. In August 1973, Catherine wrote the following article to introduce the readers of Restoration to the Ottawa house. It was a new kind of venture—the first of our houses that did not perform a concrete work... (January 07, 2013)

She Sought the Presence of God — by Martha Shepherd. If you go into the poustinia as a way of life, you are either driven by Love or lured by Love. Arlene Becker (whom we call, "AJ"), with whom I have been living at MH Ottawa... (January 02, 2013)

A Memorial for Martha Shepherd — Dear Friends of Madonna House of Ottawa, Fr. Bob Poole will be saying a memorial Mass for Martha Shepherd on Saturday, November 17th at Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Parish, 20 Grant Street, Ottawa K1Y 2Y9. Mass will begin... (November 09, 2012)

Intercession for Dummies — by Martha Shepherd. Over the years our garden here has been modified until now, except for the vegetables, it consists almost entirely of perennials. Our life here also is full of perennials. One of them is praying for people’s intentions.... (October 27, 2010)

The Call of the Geese — by Martha Shepherd. We have formed a new communal habit this fall. 6:30 A.M. finds us, coffee cups in hand, walking between our back and front yards, looking up. The geese are flying overhead.... (September 07, 2010)

Christmastime in the MH Houses — Here are some glimpses into Christmastime in three very different houses last year.... (December 19, 2008)

The God Who Sees Me — by Martha Shepherd. Although MH Ottawa is a two-woman house, at any given moment it may seem as if four or five people are living here—depending on what we are each reading or listening to. For instance, during the two-month period... (October 21, 2005)

We Tend Gardens — by Arlene Becker. We have been making gardens of one sort or another ever since our house in Ottawa began in 1973. Although many of us who have been assigned here have peasant ancestries and other connections to the earth, it was... (April 20, 2005)


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