Column: MH Krasnoyarsk, Russia

This column contains articles related to the Madonna House field house in Krasnoyarsk (Красноярск), Krasnoyarsk Krai (Siberia), Russia, called “Dom Madonny.”

Notes From Near and Far: MH Russia — by Aliz Trombitas. Greetings from Siberia, where I was recently assigned. One of the first sentences I learned in Russian is one that means, "I am cold." Then in a few days I had to learn a new one... (February 03, 2016)

Beyond Left and Right — by Fr. Michael Shields. The Church is not on the left or on the right but for the salvation of the world. A favorite quote of mine is from George Bernard Shaw: "God created man in his image, and then... (May 20, 2014)

A Taste of Pentecost — by Fr. David Linder, retreat master. Something powerful unfolded recently amidst the quiet hills of the south of Belgium. There our mission house hosted a retreat for seven of our friends from Russia. They named it "Projet Russe."... (November 20, 2013)

Surrounded by God’s Love — by Polina Rukosueva, Russian retreatant (translated by Catherine Lesage). My Lord, may this narration of the wonderful days spent in Resteigne be my prayer to you. Words are not enough to express how grateful I am to you for the time... (November 18, 2013)

More Than I Could Have Imagined — by Katya Malova, Russian retreatant (translated by Catherine Lesage). Often in life, we set goals for ourselves, and we make plans. But I didn’t plan this trip to Belgium; it was all God’s doing. A group was formed and I... (November 15, 2013)

A Phone Call In Moscow — by Catherine Lesage, current director of MH Russia. What is Madonna House? Who are you? What do you do? People in Krasnoyarsk often ask us these questions. The questions are simple, but the answers are not.... (November 08, 2013)

Pebbles — by Cristina Coutinho, staff, MH Belgium. Le caillou, in French, means "the pebble." It is the word that comes to me when I am in this poustinia close to the river where I can see many little pebbles being washed... (November 04, 2013)

They Took Us Into Their Hearts — by Miriam Stulberg, former staff of MH Magadan. From the time Madonna House was founded in Russia in 1993, those of us who have served or visited there have endeavoured to express what we receive from the Russians—the quality of... (November 01, 2013)

So, What Do You Do? — by Karen Maskiew. So, what do you do? How many times have I been asked that question by Russians I meet in the stores, in my language classes, or just on the street!... (November 16, 2012)

Notes From Near and Far: Russia — by Karen Maskiew. In mid-April, the director of the house, Katia Lesage, left Russia to attend the directors meetings in Combermere and to visit her mother who has cancer. This left me alone for a few weeks, and then... (October 12, 2012)

A Russian Poustinia Group — by Catherine Lesage. Last winter, we started having meetings about poustinia. People had been pushing us to do something in connection with poustinia, but we didn’t have a place for them to make one. So I decided to gather together... (March 28, 2011)

Signs of Hope in Russia (Part 2) — by Fr. David May. In an article in our September issue, Fr. David told us about the visit of our directors general to Moscow. In Part 2, he shares with us the signs of hope he saw in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia,... (October 15, 2010)

Signs of Hope in Russia (Part 1) — by Fr. David May. The year 2010 marks the 25th anniversary of the death of the foundress of Madonna House, Catherine Doherty. Who would have thought, 25 years ago, that the directors general of her community would spend two weeks... (September 10, 2010)

Walking on the Water — by Catherine Lesage. Madonna House had been in Russia for fifteen years—twelve in Magadan and three in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, our current house. Then suddenly on December 6, 2007, the Russian government changed its immigration laws. We didn’t know if we... (September 11, 2009)

Christmas in Krasnoyarsk — by Marie Javora. Last year, three staff celebrated the first Christmas of Madonna House in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. When Katia (Catherine Lesage) and I returned home after a Twelve Step seminar, there wasn’t too much time for Christmas preparations.... (December 26, 2007)

Beginnings in Krasnoyarsk — by Catherine Lesage. In mid-June Marie Javora, Sofia Segal, and I left Combermere for the city of Krasnoyarsk to begin Madonna House’s new mission in Russia. Krasnoyarsk, a growing city, is located in central Siberia, and we are in the... (January 10, 2007)

Arise and Go! — by Beth Holmes. "Arise and go." These are the first words of the Madonna House Little Mandate which gives the essence of Madonna House spirituality. These three words mean that we are to be ready to leave at any time... (June 08, 2006)

Living in a Mystery — by Catherine Lesage. At this point in time, our apostolate in Russia is making a major change. Why Magadan? Many people have asked this ever since we came to Russia twelve years ago. If you’re going to have a mission... (June 06, 2006)

A Light in Magadan — by Natalia Galetkina and Nellya Fedishina. When our house in Magadan first opened in 1993, at the first Sunday Mass in the parish, the person whom Alma Coffman especially noticed was Veronica Petronite. “That woman has suffered incredibly,” she thought.... (January 20, 2006)

The Key to Love and Freedom — by Miriam Stulberg. Not long ago, after almost twelve years, I left Magadan, Russia. God has been so incredibly good to me that this step, which I had feared for so long, came gently, wrapped in many graces. I know... (January 18, 2006)

Notes from Near and Far: Magadan, Russia — by Miriam Stulberg, MH Russia. We spent a few days mailing out copies of our latest Russian-language publications, new editions of Poustinia and Bogoroditza, to friends and contacts in Russia, the Ukraine, Latvia, and Lithuania. We’ve gotten some very positive... (June 24, 2005)


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