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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (April 2016)

"Daily grows the loveliness…. Heaven every gate unbars, flinging her increase of light." All through the Easter Season, we sing these beautiful lines in one of our Easter hymns.

With spring here and summer approaching, the gardeners are busy. They want to thank you for the bone meal. Thanks to you, they now have enough. However, they could use more blood meal. Also, would you have any rain pants that you could send them?

We are looking ahead to our summer family camp, Cana Colony. Would anyone have any large plastic sand shovels? The sand pit is one of the most popular play areas in the camp, and it is amazing what gets buried there.

The nurses want to express their thanks for your generosity in providing for our standard medicinal needs, for example, for all the supplements and over-the-counter remedies you sent. You got us through the cold and flu season.

These days they would be grateful for some magnesium, vitamin C, calcium, and iron. Also, Band Aids of all sizes and types are always needed.

One of our men staff, Peter Gravelle, has been learning the silversmithing technique of chase and repoussé, and he has a special request.

If any of you or your parents or grandparents were silversmiths and have tools you are no longer using and which you could give him, please email him at

The cleaning department wants to thank you for your generosity in giving them the heavy-duty coat hangers and corn brooms they asked for. Do you have any rubber-backed outdoor mats of any size that you can send?

St. Martha’s office wants to thank you for your donations of #8 envelopes. Though they do not need any more of these, they are still in need of paper that can be used in computer printers—paper both unused and what we call good-on-one-side. (This latter we use for scrap paper.)

Last but not least, here are some miscellaneous requests: spray starch (for some of the chapel linen), disposable razors, and toothpaste. Our schola (choir) director is asking for a capo for a guitar and for light plastic guitar picks.

We pray that the radiance of the Easter Season bless you, our dear friends. We carry you in our hearts with gratitude for your great generosity to us.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Larry Klein and Susanne Stubbs (April 2016)


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