Posted March 23, 2016:
Son of an Irish God

by Scott Eagan.

Thunder from the pulpit
and tears of self-conviction
—there was always mercy in the air—
most of all the simple, powerful proclamation.
The searching and the wrestling with Incarnation’s Gospel.
A work, a wonder, a surrender
and a life.

Lightning from the poustinia
and Niagara falling upon, baptizing the desert—
my sins, your sins, the world’s brokenness.
Nights and days of going into the heart,
heaving the rubble out of his own heart.
A deep listening, a letting go, a death,
and a life.

Articles from the pen,
a restoration of faith with humour
—is that a fawn or a calf in my pasture?—
Wanting to love the Church, to help all people,
desiring to share the gift of Catherine who “had it in spades,”
struggling, failing, and falling, starting over again,
beginning life again.

Kindness from the heart,
with thunder and lightning, storms … and peace.
How could it be otherwise with an Irish God?
And the Lord brought solace to Fr. Pat,
and Our Lady of Combermere mothered his wounds.
Compassion, friendship, loneliness transformed
into a Father’s life.


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