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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (February 2016)

This year Lent begins on February 10th, one of the earliest dates it can. When we sing the seasonal hymn, "The Lenten Spring Has Come," it will still be winter at Madonna House. Even so, along with the increasing daylight which lengthens and brightens each day, we pray that this liturgical season will penetrate any inner darkness in our souls, bringing it to light.

The gift shop is looking ahead to the summer season, and they need to replenish their diminished stock. In 2015, their last Miraculous Medals were sold to a young man who is in the military. So they are asking for more.

Miniature (lead) soldiers are very popular these days, as are marbles. Do you have any you can send us?

The gift shop also has a few requests for jewellery supplies: sorority pins, gold-colored shepherd earring hooks (to replace worn ones on donated earrings), and rings that they can sell as scrap gold. They also could use small price tags and stickers and small or medium-size gift bags: 3 ½" x 2" or "2 ½" x 2", which they use to package medals on chains.

For a long time, the cleaning department has been attaching the heads of outdoor push brooms upside down near the doors of our buildings so that people can brush their feet before entering. This has certainly cut down on sand on our floors. But they do wear out after a time, and the cleaners could use some heavy-duty broom heads for when they need replacing.

The cleaners are also asking for rubber-backed outdoor mats or welcome mats, size 2x3 ft, 4x6 ft, or anything bigger, bathroom and kitchen squeegees 12" x 8", and wire brushes to clean the outdoor grills on the open wood stove we occasionally use in summer. Many thanks if you can send any of these things.

We all want to thank you for the bar soap, unscented lotion, and lip balm you sent. We could also use any strong, heavy-duty hangers for our heavy winter coats.

The nurses are very grateful for the wonderful donation of muscle and back pain relief pills. They say that people are sleeping and functioning better because of your generosity.

This time they are requesting copper supplements, glucosamine capsules, and Extended Relief Tylenol Arthritis (650 mg) pills.

Also, they are almost out of` MSM tablets and are very low on regular size Band-Aids. And do any of you have any White Flower Analgesic Balm with 28% methylsalicylate that you can send us?

The staff worker who requested a violin bow wants her generous benefactor to know that she is very, very grateful for the gift she was given.

Last but certainly not least, St. Martha’s office wants to send a thank you to all who responded generously to their plea for 2016 calendars. Thanks to your generosity, they now have enough. Still on their list of requests are #8 envelopes and paper that can be used in computer printers: good on both sides.

To you, our friends, who brighten our days with your help, may God bring more inner and outer light throughout the Lenten spring. We thank you for your great generosity.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Larry Klein and Susanne Stubbs (February 2016)


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