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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (January 2016)

On January 1st, when many people make New Year resolutions, the Church celebrates the feast of the Mother of God. She teaches us to make the resolution to live each moment of 2016, in this year of Mercy, for her Son.

As our nurses help and support us in their work, they are asking for your generosity. They need calcium and magnesium tablets, Tylenol for Arthritis Pain (650 mg), rubs for back pain (such as Roboxicet and Methocarbanol), bandaids (regular size), and cough suppressants.

The nurses want to thank you for your amazing donation of RUB.A535. Our sore muscles are feeling comforted.

In the maintenance department, the men cut the logs we need for all the wood stoves and furnaces that cook our food and heat us throughout the winter (a big job). They would find axe handles, size 30 – 34 inches, very helpful. (Less than 30 inches does not work for them.)

St. Martha’s office, which supplies the office needs for the whole community, is asking for some 2016 calendars (especially religious ones)—pocket calendars, and booklet type weekly/monthly planners. Also do you have any #8 envelopes or scotch tape you could send?

In anticipation of their busy summer season, the gift shop is steadfastly sorting, preparing, and pricing the gifts you sent us. Would you have any small price tags and stickers they could use? They could also use some clear plastic 4"x 6" photo sheets to display the collectable postcards they sell.

Finally, do you have any antique tools that you aren’t using sitting in your workshop or barn or attic? If you do, the gift shop would be very grateful to have them.

Madonna House wants to thank you for the unflavoured lip balm and the corn brooms you sent. We are also grateful for unscented lotion, soap, and deodorant which we are always in need of.

In this new year of 2016, as we look to Our Lady for our needs, our hearts are also full of gratitude to you, our benefactors and friends. We pray that this New Year brings you and the whole world God’s gift of Mercy. 

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (January 2016)


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