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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (December 2015)

During Advent, as days grow shorter, we, like all Christians, await the coming of Christ at Christmas.

In Advent, although the summer crowds are long gone and the museum and bookshop are closed, our main gift shop and the small shop are still open three afternoons a week.

Items that are selling especially well these days are games, toys, small battery alarm clocks, men’s leather wristbands, small gift bags, and pocket knives. Do you have any of these that you could send us?

At St. Raphael’s, the handicraft building, some of us are making beautiful items for the gift shop. We would be grateful for tubes of oil paint and blades for utility knives.

Music is so much part of Christmas and of our Madonna House life. The schola (choir) director wants to thank you for the C-C pitch pipes you sent. They are a great help, and she could use one or two more.

Speaking of music, one of our staff is learning to play the violin, and the bow she is using is not in very good shape. Would anyone have one they could send her?

The farm, St. Benedict Acres, had a good growing season and harvest, and much of their work now is animal care and cutting firewood. They are asking for bungee cords which they use for many things such as securing tarps. Sizes 14" and 16" work best.

Some of our men have small feet and have a hard time finding shoes from the donations. Would any of you have any size 7 ½ men’s shoes? Or size 10 or 11? There is need for these larger sizes as well.

The cleaning department sends a big thank you for all the cleaning supplies and toiletries you sent us: the corn brooms, toothpaste, effervescent denture cleaners, unscented lotion, bar soap, unscented deodorant, and unflavored lip balm.

Would you be able to send more bar soap and unscented deodorant?

Now that cold weather is upon us, the nurses are anticipating colds and flus and are hoping to have a supply of over-the-counter medicines for these ailments. They would also appreciate some calcium, magnesium, and B-vitamins.

But winter does not last forever, and the gardeners are already planning for spring. They would appreciate a long hose (100 ft.) to water around the gift shop.

Also looking to the future, the nearer future, St. Martha’s office is asking for some 2016 calendars—pocket calendars, wall calendars (especially religious ones), and booklet-type weekly/monthly planners. And do you have any #8 envelopes you could send them?

As we wait for Christmas, and the coming of Christ, the Light, we thank you for all the help you give us and we keep you in our prayers.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (December 2015)


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