Posted December 15, 2015 in MH Winslow AZ:
Notes from Near and Far: MH Arizona

by Miriam Story.

Greetings from Winslow! This is my first mission house, and I’ve been here nearly six months. Considering all that has happened since I came, it seems more like a year.

For me, it’s been a time of change, but besides the changes, there are some wonderful constants. One is the beauty of the desert, a land that is so full of wonder for me. The sunsets display so vividly the constant presence and glory of God, and I have already seen more rainbows than I can count.

We are also blessed with a clear skyline. You can see for miles, and at night the stars are unobstructed by trees or pollution.

Another constant of our life is our friends; their faith, love and generosity are quite stunning to me.

In May, I went to a Confirmation party where I sat next to a woman who told me story after story about her friendship with Fr. Eddie Doherty. She teared up as she told me about how he had looked at her with a depth of love and acceptance she had never experienced before.

I renewed my Madonna House Promises two months after my arrival, and it was incredible to experience so much love and generosity from people I was just getting to know.

Before my promises day, I received several phone calls from people who couldn’t make it but who wanted to give me their best wishes. Some of these people I hadn’t even met!

Then on the day itself, several couples I barely knew arrived early to pray a rosary for me and told me so afterwards. Plus a friend of the house arrived with a bouquet of flowers from her garden, offered in lieu of her presence at the Mass.

In July, Tina Tan, a fellow staffworker here, and I went to Phoenix for two weeks of formation in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. CGS is a catechesis method developed by Maria Montessori and Sofia Cavelletti, which you can read about at

Then on September 8th, Our Lady’s birthday, I began this work in catechetics. It is already a great blessing to be involved in such a beautiful way of communicating God’s love to little children.


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