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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (November 2015)

Cold November days remind us of our need to persevere during the long winter ahead. May we do so joyfully as in a prayer Catherine wrote, "Lord, I throw my life at your feet, and sing and sing that I bring you such a little thing."

Thank you, our generous friends, who persevere in reading about the things we need and in sending them. These things are for others as well as for us. For example, donations sold in the gift shop, especially during their busy summer season, provide money for the poor throughout the world.

Madonna House nurses, who persevere in responding to our health needs, couldn’t do so without you, and they want to thank you for all you have sent. As they prepare for the colds and flus of winter, they are asking for cough syrup. They could also use regular-size Band-Aids and magnesium.

The gardeners are so grateful for the refractometer you sent and which they used at harvest-time. They also asked for plastic balls, which they paint red and hang on the apple trees to trap the bugs, and for rubber boots, and you responded beautifully to these requests. They send you many thanks.

The office wants to thank you for your donations of paper. This is an ongoing need and what you sent is much appreciated.

Because of your generosity generally, the office did not have to ask for much last month.

Now, however, we have come to the time when every department in Madonna House needs calendars for 2016: pocket calendars, wall calendars (especially religious ones), and booklet-type weekly/monthly planners. Would you also be able to send some #8 envelopes? This, too, is an ongoing need.

The schola (choir) director is so grateful for the C-C pitch pipes you sent and would also be grateful for one or two more. These make leading the singing at our daily Mass and prayers much easier.

The kitchen sends a special thank you for the popcorn popper. In the kitchen and elsewhere, there seem to be more flies than usual at this time of year. Do you have any fly swatters and/or flypaper you could send?

The men’s H.E.L.P. department is asking for work shoes or runners sizes 10 – 12.

We ask God to bless you for all you do for us. We ask him, too, to help you in all your daily activities.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (November 2015)


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