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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (October 2015)

October—the season of crisp weather, shortening days, and trees turning endless shades of yellow and red and orange.

Now that the busy summer season in the shop has ended, we want to thank you for keeping the shelves stocked. Many people bought the donations you gave us, and the proceeds, as always, are given to the poor.

Both the farm and the cleaners are asking for corn brooms, 12 inches wide with either natural or synthetic bristles. The cleaning department asked us to say a big thank you for the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner filters, which arrived just when they were needed.

Thank you, too, for the bar soap, unscented deodorant, unscented lotion, (several staff are allergic to scents), toothpaste, effervescent denture cleaners, and shaving cream. These are ongoing needs, and at the present time, we still need more. Also, would you have any electric razors you can spare?

Those who work at our summer family camp, Cana Colony, thank you for the solar lights you sent. They helped the campers find their way around at night.

They now have some needs for next summer. Since the cabins at Cana have no electricity, families with babies would be grateful for battery-operated baby monitors. Also, this summer’s badminton games wore out the racquets; do you have any you could send us?

As the weather gets cooler, the nurses are asking for supplies. They need melatonin (1 mg), Benadryl (25 mg), lozenges including Fisherman’s Friends, and sinus medications. Also, if you have any arnica rubs or biofreeze gel, that would be a great help.

Last month, St. Martha’s office asked you for hand cranked pencil sharpeners, and you generously responded. They send their thanks and asked me to tell you that they now have enough. Moreover, thanks to your generosity, they now have enough rulers.

However, they are still asking for #8 envelopes, black pens, correction tape, and Scotch tape.

In every season, we thank God for the many gifts he has given us; and we thank you for all your help and support throughout the year. You are in our prayers.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman
(October 2015)


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