Posted July 06, 2015 in The Pope's Corner:
Give Wings to Your Work

by Pope John Paul II.

Let work never be to the detriment of human beings. By now it is recognized on all sides that technical progress is not accompanied by adequate respect for humanity.

While wonderful in its continuous conquests, technology often had the effect of impoverishing people in their essential humanity, by depriving them of their inner, spiritual dimension and stifling their sense of true and higher values.

We need to restore the primacy of the spiritual. The Church invites you to preserve a proper scale of values.

Let the famous Benedict dual concept, ora et labora, be for you, my brothers and sisters, an inexhaustible source of true wisdom, of sure equilibrium, of human perfection.

May prayer give wings to your work, purify your intentions, and defend you from the perils of boredom and carelessness; and may your work, after your exertions, allow you to rediscover the invigorating force of the encounter with God, in whom we once more recover our true, great stature. Ora et labora!


An address to workers, Turin, Italy, April 13, 1980


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