Posted April 17, 2015:
Yes to Life

by Jean Fox.

As little, poor, humble, and simple as we are, we can join hands with the Holy Father and with the whole universal Church and give a resounding yes to life and to God so that we can live in love and in truth, so that we can live and spend our lives bringing love truth, peace, and joy to everyone we meet.

We must keep our eyes on the civilization of love. We must keep our eyes on creating a great human and spiritual way of life.

We must be one with God’s Mother in creating little corners of new life, of beauty, of tenderness.

All things are being passed through the mind and heart of God so that we, his children, can be restored for the birth into a new civilization of love, into something far more beautiful than we can hope for or imagine, for the whole world.

Pass it on, whatever you have that brings goodness, truth, beauty, and love for others. Pass it on.

We need to keep our Christian perspective. While the barbarian hordes were cascading across Europe at the time of St. Augustine, he calmly wrote his famous work, City of God. [which is about creating a Christian civilization].

Nations rise and fall, civilizations come and go, but Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, has been given to us. Eventually he will draw all men to himself.

Adapted from Inflamed by Love, pp. 201, 202, 204-5, 209, available from MH Publications.


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