Posted December 05, 2014 in Advent and Christmas:
A Candle in Our Hearts

by Catherine Doherty.

Advent is the time of expectation. True, Christ has already come upon earth. He has been crucified, and has risen. He is with us now, in his Church. And yet, somehow, as the season for commemorating His birth approaches, something stirs in us, something deep and profound, as if we are expecting a great miracle.

As the Christmas season approaches, everyone feels a certain "something" that cannot be put into words. There are no words that fit.

We begin to realize that we are expecting something—or Someone—and we become a little bit more aware of our insides, of a burning in our hearts.

We will find that it is like a candle within us. It is not a big candle. We must keep this flame alight, so that it burns through the layers of whatever we have put on top of it, and allow the expectation that is within us to come forth.

This is so important because, if we can burn away each layer that we have put on through the years, then we will be filled with joy. We will become full of gladness, knowing that a great gift is about to be given to us. How much have we put into our heart, each one of us?

From Donkey Bells, (2000), pp. 8-9, available from MH Publications


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