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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (November 2014)

When we are dodging bleak winds on cold November days at Madonna House, the Lord gives us the gift of perseverance. Catherine Doherty wrote that perseverance in our daily life is like saying to God, "Lord, I throw my life at your feet, and sing and sing that I bring you such a little thing."

We are blessed with our nurses who persevere in treating our health needs with the donations you send.

As they prepare for the cold weather, they are asking for over-the-counter cold medications: cough syrup and vitamin C. They also need magnesium citrate, vitamin B-50, calcium supplements, Metamucil, Calamine lotion and Melatonin (3 mg).

The gardeners will be moving to their winter jobs soon; however, they are still in need of bone meal, which they use as fertilizer. Also, if you have any women’s-size rubber boots suitable for gardening, knee pads with Velcro straps for weeding, or apple-size plastic balls, they would be grateful.

Our farmers are getting ready for their winter work in our bush, cutting down trees and bringing the wood into sheds to dry and become fuel for next winter. They are asking if you have any chain bar oil for their chainsaws—either light or winter-weight.

The laymen who work at the main house are looking for adjustable wrenches—especially 8-inch and larger.

The cleaning department has a few requests. They especially need toilet bowl brushes, but they are also looking for heavy-duty corn brooms, large-headed magnetic (fibre) brooms, upright vacuum cleaners, and squeegees for window washing (12" and 8").

Our household supplies of bar soap and unscented hand lotion are running low. Thank you ahead of time for helping us with this.

Because of your generosity, the office did not need to ask for anything for a couple of months.

They do, however, have some needs this month. They are looking for pens and pencils (especially red pens), 7 mm refills for mechanical pencils, and Scotch tape. They are also asking that you keep them in mind for 2015 wall and pocket calendars and planners.

Many of the donations you gave so generously to the gift shop have been sold for the poor. This means that, after a busy summer, the stock is low, and they are looking for help to re-stock their shelves.

Do you have marbles or other children’s games, wooden toys, figurines of mothers and children, amber jewelry, men’s cuff links, or any silver earring backs (even if they are singles)?

The gift shop is also asking for small jewelry boxes, small and medium paper bags (the kind with handles are great), and tissue paper.

God’s gift of perseverance, the fruit of prayer, strengthens us. We ask him to support you, too, in all your daily activities, and we thank you for all the ways in which you help us in ours.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (November 2014)


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