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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (September 2014)

Autumn is the season when our farmers and gardeners (with some help from the rest of us) gather in the fruits of months of care and hard work. This harvest will provide much of our food throughout the year.

Take just one crop, apples, as an example. Among other things, the apple trees need to be protected from small animals, fed with minerals, and sprayed.

Then, once harvested, some will be stored in the root cellar as eating apples, some the busy food processors will press for juice, and still others they will make into apple sauce and can.

We thank God for our experienced gardeners and farmers. Would you be able to help them by donating 7-foot heavy-duty metal T posts for fencing?

When we sort though your wonderful donations we are very grateful. One thing the gift shop staff mentioned recently is clocks and watches.

They are grateful for the men’s pocket watches you sent and which they mend and clean, and also for the old fashioned wind up mantel clocks, which are popular items. Would any of you have more of these? They are almost out of them. They also need wrist watches that work for our men staff.

And if you have any unusual or large-size brooches you want to get rid of, the gift shop would love to have them.

In St. Mary’s (where the whole community often gathers for meetings, talks, and the occasional movie) tennis balls fixed under the legs of chairs have helped save the floors from being scratched. But here’s a strange thing: new tennis balls do not do the job. So we are asking for any old tennis balls you can find.

Whatever the season, the office continues its many jobs and this time they are in need of Scotch tape, red pens, mechanical pencils, and the 7 mm refill leads they need.

The nurses thank you for the vitamin C and the magnesium supplements you sent them. This time, they need Band Aids and Extra Strength Tylenol. Iron supplements, such as ferrous glutinate would also be a great help.

The cleaning department would like to thank you for the Muphy’s Oil Soap and squeegees you sent.

Because chemical sensitivities are so common these days, we would also be grateful for non-toxic abrasive cleaners such as Pure Brite for cleaning stainless steel. Upright vacuum cleaners and wide-headed magnetic brooms (at least 12 inches) are also needed.

The laundresses are asking for pre-soak aids.

The community needs unscented hand lotion, dental floss, toothpaste, and large umbrellas.

Thank you for helping in our yearly work of sowing, cultivating, and harvesting. And thank you for helping us to open our doors to the people God sends us all year round. We pray that he bless you for your generosity.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (September 2014)


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