Posted August 21, 2014:
Nothing Short of a Miracle

Where specifically did the money from the sale of a particular donation go? It’s rare that we know. One time, however, we did.

The First Letter

In May, my husband and I are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. God has blessed me with an exceptionally good Christian man who has never failed to take care of our eight children and myself.

He is a kind and loving person, not only towards his family but also towards his church, his neighbors, and his fellow workers.

Although he had to work long hours and even on weekends to support us, he was never too tired to fix a broken sink or toy or to help the children any time they needed him.

Some years ago, he was injured in a car accident and was in a cast for many months. It was a year before he could walk again and go back to work. During that time, I never once heard him complain.

What a wonderful gift God has given me to send me such a fine man to share my life with! I wanted to do something extra special to celebrate this year, because I am so grateful to God for his goodness to me. It’s a true blessing to have a secure and happy family in today’s world.

I can think of no better way to thank God for our good marriage than the first symbol of our life together: my engagement ring. It will make us very happy if you will accept this gift to help God’s poor.

The ring sold quickly and the money was sent to a missionary in India who was struggling to help his poor. Here is his reply.

The Second Letter

What is it? Nothing short of a great miracle. You can’t imagine how much I have prayed, day in and day out, to all my patron saints, headed by Our Lady, to enable me to get special help for my orphanage and for the poorest in my care. I was nearly in despair; I did not know what to do.

Then came your letter with the check enclosed. The fruit of a loving miracle on your part. Prayers have been honored by a loving God. How to thank first God and then your good selves for it all?

We have also been the victims of monsoon this year. This has been the longest and most disastrous season we have had—floods, ruined cultivation, sickness, starvation, suffering.

I did try to help my poor in rice and in cash. In the hope of getting a special donation, I went on distributing on credit and ran up a staggering bill. They (the merchants) believed me. I trusted God and ultimately everything ended well, thanks to you.

For your check was the amount of my bill!

God bless you and may Our Lady ever keep you in her love.

This priest celebrated his 50th anniversary of priesthood shortly after this.

—From Restoration, May-June 1986.


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