Posted August 12, 2014:
Love Received

Here are just a few excerpts from the many, many thank you letters we receive from the missionaries we have helped. The letters are to you, too—you who send the donations that we sell.

We are so thankful for your help for our children and poor people. Communism has left so much misery for the people. About forty neglected children have found a home, and also food, clothes, and a hopeful future.


Thank you so much for your donation for our work in the nutrition center. It is not a drop; it is a whole shower. In the center we try to feed undernourished children, teach the mothers, and we do follow-up work by visiting the homes.

As you know, we live on the shores of Lake Victoria, and most of the places we go to can only be reached by boat, so you can imagine that it is difficult to keep going.

Kenya, Africa

We continue to distribute nearly a thousand loaves of bread daily to 900 children due to your generosity and charitable heart.

Mumbai, India

This is a timely donation indeed. Our diocese runs two private hospitals, one in the lowlands and one in the mountains. A number of patients, although in bad need of medical care, are not able to pay even the minimum fee required to be accepted into the hospital. It is my intention to use this money to help them.

An archbishop in South Africa

Indeed with great pleasure I pen these few lines of gratitude. Ours is an institution with 350 deaf-mutes and 250 blind persons. It’s a very good work and I always see God’s hand guiding me. He always cares for their needs.

Madras, India

Your donation will be used for building houses for old people and widows and also buying blankets for them. We feel the church at our parish should be self-supporting, self-propagating, and self-ministering, yet we cannot deny our inadequacy. Very much thanks to you.

Malawi, Africa

The gift you have offered us will be used for the formation of our future priests and Oblate missionaries. We have 42 in formation. We will have the first priest in two years. There is much hope for the future of this young Church.

Congo-Kinshasa, Africa


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