Posted July 08, 2014:
How Donations Come

For fifty years, your generous gifts have kept the shelves of Madonna House Gift Shop filled. Most of the time, we don’t know the story behind these gifts. Every once in a while, however, we find a letter tucked in a box. Here are just a few excerpts.

Enclosed you’ll find a ring, the only valuable thing in my possession. I hope you can sell it for the poor. Please pray for me and my family and their heart-breaking troubles.

I am feeling a very strong call to simplify my life and my surroundings. It feels good to divest myself of status symbols and conversation pieces. (This person sent two diamond rings, one dinner ring, and two gold bracelets.)

Seems a long time since I have written, but so much has happened. I am a patient in the hospital, four months now, heart failure. Getting lots of rest, am coming along, and I packed this little package for you.

Hope these few things will be of some use to you. I wish I could send something better, but in these hard times and my husband on old age pension, I guess this is the best I can do for now. I collected some of the things from my neighbors. May God bless you all. Thanking you for letting me help a little.

This little statue of the Infant of Prague has been in our family for a long time. Could you perhaps repair it and restore it so someone could appreciate him again through his representation?

This $5 gold piece is for you. So glad I had it on hand to send you. An accountant suggested that you get it appraised and you would surely get more for it. I hope you do. It is wonderful that you send so much money to the poor.

The enclosed books are all new—mysteries of the Passion according to Matthew. Please sell them at a good price in the shop. I hope my paintings sold well. (from a well-known Canadian artist)

I thank God for the gifts he is giving to my husband and myself.

When I received this engagement ring, its simplicity of a single stone meant to me "one love." Now my Lord is allowing me to know Him in my starving brother as well. I cannot wear a diamond ring while He is hungry. This ring is sent to you, knowing you will feed our brother with it.


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